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This site is currently under construction. We have transferred to a new hosting provider and have not yet transferred everything over. Please remain patient and we will likely get back to re-establishing the site some time this decade.

In the meantime, here are a couple of the things that were up for download on this site before the transfer.



TBS is a simple tactical turn-based strategy game for Windows, Mac, Linux, or any OS that runs Java. You start by choosing the classes of your squad of four soldiers. Will they wield a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, or a shotgun? Then you connect to a partner and fight their squad on a randomly generated battlefield. Flank and outwit your opponent! Do you have what it takes to outsmart your enemy and become the victor?

This game was my first foray into networking. This game is meant to be played on two computers.

Werty's Adventures Revamped


This game is a simple platformer made in Game Maker. I made the original version way back in '05 or '06, and then made a slightly nicer version years later (this version).

Attack and Evade

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Attack and Evade is a simple retro-inspired game for Android phones and tablets. It is free, so if you have an Android device, go get it! I have developed new content for this game, but I have not yet updated it due to the features needing more polishing.

I am also working on another Android game with deeper, more complex gameplay as well as multiplayer, so expect that to show up some time in the future!